zach (zra) wrote in lp_youth,

musing on outsourcing

so the little blurb about outsourcing by John Stossel got me thinking... is it really so bad? (not that I was a critic before I heard it)

I thought about an example of outsourcing that I hear about most: technical support staff

as a private computer consultant, it seems to me that outsourcing your tech support might be cost effective, but it doesn't really help out the customer very much. anybody who has spoken to these techs will tell you, they are generally not that great. then again, i've had that job, and i've worked with plenty of american techs who were just as bad, only they didn't have an indian accent.

i have to say, crappy techs who can only handle the most basic situations are a big business boost to me as a private technical consultant. most of my clients loathe calling technical support. that's why i get so much business.

thoughts? i'm particularly curious to hear others views on outsourcing, whether for or against.

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