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Libertarian Youth
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Welcome to the Libertarian Youth community.
This is a community for young libertarians to talk about issues, about being the only capitalist amoung a youth filled with marxists, anarchists and socialists, and about anything in general related to politics.
This is a place for teens, college students, and even the young at heart to discuss disaproval of the left and of the right. It's a place for a fresh look at alternatives.

Maintained by Ashley julietcried

However, there are, of course, some guidelines. Let's go over those.

+Members+ You can be any age, in all honestly. However, this community focuses on youth effort. You don't need to be a member of the libertarian party, but you should have libertarian, capitalistic, or objectivist leanings, if not all three.

+Bannings+ You'll be banned if you go off topic, or if you are here simply to attack libertarian points of view.

*Be nice. Even if you disagree, please remember that the person you're yelling at is not just text on a computer screen, but another human being.
*If your post is long, or includes a full article, please use a cut tag.
*If you feel something is relevent to the community, but contains nudity or graphic sexual or violent content, please use a cut tag and post a warning.
*Do not post anything that is not relevent to the community. If you wish to plug another community, go ahead. However, make sure it is something that is relevent to the people here.
*Introduce yourself. We want to know who you are!
*Republicans and Democrats need not apply.

Since this community is youth-oriented, it is also for those libertarians with more "liberal" ideas.
That means you will be expected, if you join this community, to be neither sexist or racist, and to be gay friendly.
This is not the place for the republicans who are attempting to hijack the libertarian idealology and turn it into a mini republican party. You are welcome to give your input, but this community was not made for you.

Thank you, and please, look around, and join!

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